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As we told you in your previous article, we would like to create a travel blog that will give you ideas to plan your trip to Indonesia. As an specialized local travel agency we would like to share with your our Knoweledge and passion for this incredible archipielago.

Our forthcoming blog articles will make you discover the island of Sulawesi in different ways. We are sure that together we can create un unforgettable tailor-made trip to  Indonesia.

As one of the main islands of IndonesiaSulawesi is a place that  worth a visit for its very own attractions that are sure to please adventure and nature lovers. It is a geographical tapestry of coastlines, jungles, highlands and tropical islands surrounded by coral reefs.

In the map of Indonesia, Sulawesi has a shape that is easy to remember. Shaped “K” that extends from north to south. It is bordered by Kalimantan Island, which is separated by the Makassar Strait, bordered by the Maluku Islands, which are separated by the Maluku Sea, to the north which is bordered by the Philippines and to the south which is bordered by Flores.

You would need a few weeks (months) to truly explore the wonders of the island. To help you to discover the best places to visit  in Sulawesi we we created a list of 10 places to visit in Sulawesi that will quench the explorer in you. Lets get started with the real highlights, here is the essential list of things to do in Sulawesi.


1 Bira Beach

The pristine beaches of Bira worth the visit. Sulawesi has an exceptionally long coastline. Bira is a piece of paradise full of natural beauty, local fishermen, blue sea and stunning sunsets with several shades of orange; a true spectacle of nature.


2 Selayar Island

Selayar Island is an unspoiled tropical getaway where you can relax and get away from it all. The island is an excellent diving spot and the world’s third largest coral atoll is just offshore. If you aren’t a diver or a snorkeler,   you can also enjoy a trekk or hike in the rainforest, where you can find families tarsius (smallest monkey in the world), a multitude of butterflies, and extremely diverse fauna.


3  Lake Tempe in Sengkang:

Lake Tempe is the largest lake in Sulawesi and is famous for floating houses. Sengkang, the capital of a former Bugis Kingdom, retains its traditional character, as well as many old cultural traditions. Silk weaving, colourfoul buggis weddings celebrated according to acient customs, dance and traditional orchestra.

The village is really unique with its floating houses and a large population of wonderful birdlife.You can go by long tail boat on the huge lake and visit the traditional floating houses. You can drink a tea or coffe  with a local family and eat fried banana (Pisang Goreng).


4 Tana Toraja

The next exotic place that you can visit when you go to travel to Sulawesi is Tana Toraja. Tana Toraja is in the highlands of Sulawesi. The region is famous for its elaborate funeral rituals and burial grounds.. We warmly invite you to experience Tana Toraja off the beaten path.  We also offer multi-day treks and day hikes that will make you discover amazing and authentic places and villages.

Drink your morning coffee with locals, hike lush rain forest trails, enjoy amazing views, adventures and explorations with relaxing evenings.


5 Saluopa Waterfall

Sulawesi Island possesses some spectactular waterfalls. One of them is Saluopa Waterfall buried in the jungle near Lake Poso. Saluopa waterfall will marvel you. You can take a delicious swim in its  translucent waters.


6   Togean Islands

If you love diving with some gorgeous underwater creatures, then Togean  islands are perfect for you. You will be amazed by the beautiful sand and sea of these islands. You can dive in unexplored áreas with no many other divers around.


7  Bunaken Island / The Bunaken Marine Park

Bunaken Island is perfect  for diving and snorkeling, as it boasts a rich marine life in its Marine National Park. The Bunaken Marine Park  includes the islands of Manado Tua, Siladen, Mantehage, Nain and Nain Kecil.


8 Tangkoko National Park

Tangkoko National Park is  a 9,000-hectare of land and the home of many gorgeous animals in North Sulawesi. In this park, not only you will be able to see the Tarsiers which are the smallest primate in the world, but you can also see the Black Crested Macaques.


9   Jungle Trekking in Central Sulawesi

Another  place that you can visit when you go to travel to Sulawesi is Central Sulawes, near Tentena. Once you get here you can do a 2 day trekk with overnight in local house. You will be able to see the lush rainforest and all kinds of animals such as butterflies, hornbills….You can also see many different exotic plants in a secluded place.


10     Mt.  Gunung Latimojong  Trekking

Mt Latimojong is the highest mountain in Sulawesi island with peak name Rante Mario 3478m, locate at center of Sulawesi, at Province of South Sulawesi.

Rantemario, unlike most other Indonesian mountains, is not a volcano. It does not lie too far off the road from Makassar to Rantepao – part of the “beaten track” for visitors to Sulawesi – but getting to the mountain is a bit difficult. Bu tour guides will assist you. Do not worry!

You will need around 3 or 4 days  and you will sleep in campsites. A good challenge for those who love climbing and hiking!  This mountain is part of the 7 Summits of Indonesia.

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