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3 Unique Experiences You Can Only Have in Indonesia

3 Unique Experiences You Can Only Have in Indonesia

Indonesia is home  to many different natural wonders and communities, there’s no place like Indonesia. For adventure lovers, visiting Indonesia equals unique experiences that can’t be had anywhere else. Unique travel experiences that you will remind always in your life.

As we always say Indonesia deserves a lot of visits...in one trip to Indonesia it is impossible to discover the country. So the be honest, the list of unique experiences you can only have in Indonesia can be endless...Such an amazing and diverse country has a lot to offer! So in  this post we are going to talk about the best ethnic experiences that you can only have in Indonesia.  Indonesia is a beguiling nation of incredible cultures and traditions. There are more than 1.100  recognised ethnic groups in Indonesia. The vast majority of those belong to the Austronesian peoples. 

So we really recommend you travel to Indonesia to meet and ethnic group as:



The Dani people, also spelled Ndani, and sometimes conflated with the Lani group to the west, are a people from the central highlands of West Papua. They are one of the most populous tribes in the highlands, and are found spread out through the highlands. Indeed West Papua is a very rich island with Dani Peple, Lani Group, The Asmat...a fascinating island! We propose you a trekking through  Baliem Valley to discover their everyday life, their secrets, their beliefs and rituals...These tribes till today are completely isolated from the modern world and practice a life still filled with mysticism and tribal rights. A great experience!



Also in West Papua it is possible to meet the Korowai Tribe. The Korowai are widely acknowledged by anthropologists to have been amongst the last people on earth to practice cannibalism, Korowai are some of the most isolated people of the world. An expedition to Korowai tribes is a real human experience. They live in tree-houses 10-75m off the ground, in small scattered communities of a dozen or so, deep in the rainforest clad lowlands at least 150km from the Arafura Sea. They are nomads and they did not know about a world beyond them, until 1970. Until today they remain dependent on the forest and have excellent hunting and fishing skills. And they also  eat sago. It is important for them. If you’re still keen on visiting the Korowai tribes please bear that is it’s virtually impossible to do it independently. You will need to contact a local travel agency in Indonesia with professional and experts guides! 



The island of Sumatra is the largest in the archipelago. A trip to Sumatra promises an intense adventure due to the richness of its  ethnicities. The Mentawai, also  also called « men-flowers » live on the island of Siberut and can be reched by boat. They believe that all things in nature possess a spiritual essence, and they live in harmony and peace with the nature around them. You will discover the unique way of life of the Mentawai and  you can take part in their daily activities, all organized with great respect for their culture. These activities include: traditional fishing in the river, canoe on the river, walking through the jungle, preparation of sago (a starch made from palm trees), making loin clothes, poison for arrow. But most of all, you will leave the island full of memories of new experiences and unforgettable encounters.


Indonesia Exotic is your local travel agency that will make of your trip to Indonesia a complete travel experience like no other.  

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