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Eco Trip Sumatra

Eco Trip Sumatra


Indonesia is well-known for its cultural and natural richness heritage. Ecotourism and Sustainable Trips in Indonesia  is the best way to make a positive impact while travelling. We want to create amazing eco-responsible experiences that allows you  to conserve the environment and improve the welfare of the local community. It’s important for us to develop a sustainable way of travel and help local comunities as well as protect nature, underworld life and endangered species in Indonesia. Together we can build a better world.




Arrival flight: Medan

Departure flight: Padang




We will fetch you and transfer to Medan for overnight stay. Here you will take a rest after long flight.

Meals included: any



DAY 2 MEDAN-BUKIT LAWANG -Overnight at Paddy’s Lodge (owner of this accommodation is local people in Bukit Lawang)

In the morning there is a city tour of Medan visiting Merdeka square, as  a central of Medan city where you can see old Dutch architecture buildings; Town Hall, Former Java’s Bank, Post Office, Train Station and other remaining old buildings surroundings. Next visit is Masjid Raya or the Great Mosque built in 1906 by the first sultan and still considered as one the most beautiful mosques in the country.


Visit Grand Mosque will be not possible during praying time and appropriate dress code is required

Not too far from there continue with a visit of Maimoon Sultan Palace built in 1888 by the Sultan of Deli (the former name of Medan). This beautiful palace is combining traditional elements of Malay, Islam as well as Spanish and Indian, architectural elements. The palace is until present day inhabited by the Sultan who remain a symbolic figure for the Malay community. Last visit is TjongA Fie Mansion, an old Chinese house of Mr. Tjong A Fie as Chinese leader in 1920s.

At noon, you go straight to Bukit Lawang as one of the observation point at the GunungLeuser National Park. You drive through the landscape view of plantations and villages. Available stop at local handicrafts homes industry of Bamboo and Traditional Roofing. Depends on season, you can also stop at locals fruits & spicy garden; snake fruits, mangos, durian, ginger, lemongrass, peanuts, galingale etc. Upon arrival in Bukit Lawang you check in to your hotel, named Paddy’s Lodge. This is a simple lodge running by our local guide in Bukit Lawang

Meals included: Breakfast



After breakfast, our professional team will meet you and give short briefing before we get into the National Park.

Today’s trek heads through the mountainous interior of the national park, beginning with a steep incline and rewarded with spectacular views. Occasional breaks are taken as required. While venturing deeper into the jungle, try to be as quiet as possible to maximise the chances of glimpsing some of the endemic wildlife. With any luck, less commonly sighted species such as the Sumatran striped rabbit and a vast variety of birds and butterflies may also be seen. Close encounters with local wildlife are a distinct possibility. Be mindful to never approach or touch an orangutan if the opportunity presents itself, and pay close attention to the instructions of the guide.

To conclude the day, discover how to set up camp in the Sumatran jungle after arriving at the first campsite. Assist with building a fire in order to cook a delicious jungle dinner. The local guide is well versed in ‘camp cooking’ and will be sure to share some of the secrets of how to dine well under the stars surrounded by jungle.

After a long and rewarding day of jungle exploration, tuck in for the evening and be lulled to sleep by the sounds of tropical wilderness.

Lunch en route and dinner at the camp. Overnight local camp/Shelter

Meals included: Breakfast- lunch.-dinner


DAY 4 CONTINUE TREK-BACK TO BUKIT LAWAG. Overnight at Erna’s local house

Rise early in the morning for a hearty breakfast and pack up camp before embarking on what is perhaps the most challenging day of the adventure. The terrain is very steep and the guide will assess everyone’s abilities to ensure the safety of the group. Subject to the conditions, the routing may be adjusted to maximise the enjoyment and wellbeing of the group.

While hiking, the guide will keep an eye out for tell-tail signs of orangutans while trekking through the dense jungle. Aside from orangutans, a plethora of birds and smaller jungle animals may be visible through the mottled backdrop of the jungle.

Arrive at Aras Pinang at noon (river banks), here the captain (the man in charge to steer the tubes) already prepares all the necessary equipment for this activity such as big inner tubes combined into one. Although the current is not very strong but life jackets and helmets are available for safety. Floating on rubber tubes is very convenient. The clean river that flows through Bohorok river offering scenic view of the jungle and village until you arrive at the stop point of your tubing. Hereafter you will be transferred to Erna’s homestay, a simple homestay located in the village near Bukit Lawang.

Meals included: Breakfast



Today you will join with Erna’s Eco Farming activities;

- Organic farming

- Vegetables and Fruits Nursery 

- Composting

- Cooking demonstration

Erna’s Eco Farming is a local social project related with Eco Farming and cleaning environment

Meals included: Breakfast


DAY 6 BUKIT LAWANG-BRASTAGI. Overnight at local’s homestay

After breakfast, prepare for check out and start drive to Brastagi via an alternative route of Pamah Semelir. You may stop at local café on the hill with nice view of Pamah Semelir village, famous with it’s picturesque rice field and jungle. Continue trip through the route with Sumatran jungle landscape and passing foot of Sinabung volcano. Arrive in Brastagi, a mountain resort with its refreshing weather and magnificent mountain scenery which has an abundance of flowers, vegetables and fruits (most famous of which is the “Marquise” passion fruit). The village lies at about 1300 m altitude and is surrounded by the two volcanoes Sinabung (2417 m) and Sibayak (2172 m). Here you can visit the famous fruits market with a walk in the local fruit market which is swarming with activity and scenes from traditional Karo life and also enjoy the views of two active volcanoes, Sinabung and Sibayak. Then we will bring you to Nachelle Homestay for overnight stay.

Meals included: Breakfast


DAY 7 BRASTAGI-PUSUK BUHIT  (near lake Toba). Overnight at local’s house

After breakfast and check out from your hotel, depart from your hotel around 08:00

Stop for a visit of Dokan, a village home to the BatakKaro people who have unusual wedding and funeral ceremonies which can last for days and dozens of other unique traditions and rituals which they still practice. We will meet with a family in one of the longhouses where up to 6 families live together.

Continue to the South towards Lake Toba and make a stop to see the 120 meter Sipiso-piso waterfall which is located in the Batak highlands.The beautiful fall is formed by an underground river that then plunges from a cave into Lake Toba caldera, 2 hours Trekking to Sipiso-piso waterfall and Enjoy the air splashes of Sipiso-piso.Here you will also get your first impressive view of this amazing lake.

Continue journey to lake Toba via Parbuluan village and Tele. This is one of the best alternatives to savor beautiful sceneries of lake Toba. Trip would be passing through wonderful views of big trees, hills and valley at the both sides. Few bad roads you can find on this way. After few hours, you will pass Parbuluan, a border village between Dairi and Samosir districts. Then you will arrive at Tele, where you enjoy surroundings views from the Tower of Tele.

From Tele you drive down through the curves route until to the Pusuk Buhit mountain, famous with its old story about Batak’s tribe. The Batak’s (one of the tribe in North Sumatra) believed that first Batak’s man who arrive on earth is in Pusuk Buhit.

Here you will stay at local house at Huta Ginjang or Huta Balian village (simple accommodations)

Meals included: Breakfast



Early in the morning you will do climb to the top of Pusuk Buhit mountain, pusuk buhit is a high cone-shaped mountain on the mainland near pangururan.according to tradition batak people came from this mountain. The view at the summit is breathtaking, you will see incredible northern  scene of lake toba with the beauty of sianjur mula2 village with its harmony color of  ricefields.  If you wish you may start earlier to see the sunrise.

After that you go down to the village and start drive to Samosir island. Visit to the village of Tomok, where you will visit the king Sidabutar the grave. Then check in to hotel for overnight. Here you can take rest after hectic program on this day.

Meals included: Breakfast



Early wake-up call and breakfast before check out and transfer to nearby Tomok for boarding the local ferry from Samosir Island and Parapat (estimated departure time at 07:00 – subject to change)

From Parapat you continue by car to Padang Sidempuan.

Along the way you make a stop at a pineapple plantation, stroll through the traditional market in Balige where you can walk around the daily local market and see all local products and maybe buy some snacks for on the road. You will also stop at Mehat, another Batak’s village in the beautiful valley at the lake side. Here you can still find local women weave their own dress with traditional way in their home.

Next stop is Sipaholon hot spring, a famous hot spring which removable heat from Mount Martimbang located 3 km from the city center Tarutung. Here we can see directly a pair of hot springs. We can see directly how the hot water flows out of the ground. Continue drive until we reach Padang Sidempuan, the small capital of the Batak Mandheling regency.

Meals included: Breakfast



Early morning you start drive to Bukittinggi at West Sumatra. Drive passing through the winding roads of the Bukit Barisan Mountain range offering beautiful scenery of mountains, rivers, valleys and traditional villages. We make a stop at Sihepeng, a small botanical garden where you can learn about all kind of spices like pepper, saffron, lemon grass, nutmeg, bay leaf. Stop at Purba Baru where you can see the Musthafawiyah Islamic school, one of the oldest and largest boarding schools in Sumatra founded in 1912. Depart from Kotanopan and enter the province of West Sumatra and you will notice that the landscape is now changing into tropical rain forest. We take time to make a short 30-minute walk in the beautiful natural environment while stopping at the RimbaPanti Nature reserve. From here drive takes you to Bonjol where you will pass the Equator and where a monument marks the imaginary Equator line. Urban legend says that crossing the line backwards will bring good luck, so give it a try. Arrive in the early evening in Bukittinggi for overnight stay.

Meals included: Breakfast


DAY 11 BUKITTINGI-HARAU VALLEY- Overnight at Abdy’s Homestay

After breakfast, city tour exploring Bukittinggi and its surroundings. The main town sites will be seen on foot, as Bukittinggi is very small and everything is located close together, with a car nearby to take you to the further locations.

You will visit the impressive Sianok Canyon which is known for its network of underground bunkers and tunnels built by the Japanese during World War II. There is a two-story observation tower that overlooks the Sianok Canyon, which you may climb to the top for panoramic views of the area.



You will also see Fort De Kock, built by the Dutch during the Padri Wars. Although little remains of the original fortifications, it provides fine views over the town from its hilltop position.

In town, you see the town’s large clock tower ‘Jam Gadang’ and walk around the Pasar Atas Market. The market is open daily but on Wednesdays and Saturdays it is especially busy with people coming from neighboring villages to buy and sell their wares.

Afterwards you drive in the direction of Batusangkar with a stop at TabekPatah for a lunch at the charming Pondok Flora local restaurant serving traditional Minang food. Continue to the nearby local village of Rao Rao known for its beautiful traditional Minangkabau houses, locally known as Rumah Gadang.

Next stop will be at Pagaruyung Palace located in the village of Tanjung Emas near Batusangkar: The palace is a replica of the original Pagaruyung royal palace which was set on fire by the nation’s Dutch colonists in 1804 and it has only recently been entirely restored using traditional materials with its 3 storeys and its 5 stacked sweeping roofs ending with eleven sharp horns and covered with over 26 tons of palm fibers.

Continue drive to the west passing the small town of Payakumbuh to reach the beautiful Harau Valley, here lush green ricefields are hemmed in between huge granite cliffs. 

Overnight stay at Abdy Homestay (simple)

Meals included: Breakfast



After breakfast, you can look around Harau valley to see the village and rice fields where you might see the daily life and activities of the villagers.

After that you drive to Padang via Anai valley and waterfall. From Padang transfer to the Bungus beach where you continue by boat to Rimba Ecolodge for 3 night stays, a unique place where you will enjoy nice and beautiful white sandy beach of Sumatra.



These days you will enjoy the day at leisure in Rimba Ecolodge Padang. Escape from the bustling city, you will enjoy the stay at bamboo bungalow with short walking distance to the beach.

Meals included: Breakfast



Today we will transfer you to the airport for catch your flight to next destination. End of your Eco Trip  Sumatra with us.

Meals included: Breakfast



Note: All of our itineraries can be tailored to your requirements, allowing us to create the perfect sustainable trip in Sumatra just for you. Contact us with your travel  ideas and we’ll start planning your unique customized trip!

ITINERARY: 15 days / 14 nights

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