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Have you ever wondered how best to spend your time in Indonesia? What are the best things to do in Indonesia?

Indonesia is an archipelago that includes more than 17,000 islands which are inhabited by around 255 million people, a number that makes Indonesia the fourth most populous country in the world. This figure also implies that a lot of cultural, ethnic, religious and linguistic diversity can be found in this country. Indonesia is huge, diverse and amazing. 

You will be surprised by its  amazing flora and fauna, spoiled beaches, active volcanoes, an incredible underwater world… Definitely, Indonesia is one of the best countries in South-East Asia.

Travelling to Indonesia is not easy. How to plan a trip to Indonesia takes a lot of time and it is necessary to  deeply know the country. This archipelago offers you the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences full of contrasts, color and life.

No matter what kind of traveller are you…In this amazing country you will find the best for you. From an eco-travel to Sumatra, Sulawesi  or West Papua to explore Flores or Sumba. You can also  discover Borneo, Java and Lombok Islands... And if you are looking for a travel to Bali off the beatten path is also possible!


As you have seen create a trip to Indonesia  and plan  the best  places to visit is a very difficult and complicated decisión.  There are many islands, many options ...

Our first tip to plan a trip to Indonesia is to contact a local travel agency in Indonesia specialized in organizing  tailor-made trips based on your interests, expectations and optimizing your time.

Our passion for Indonesia and our  knowledge of the field allow us to organize unique and bespoke adventure and travel tours throughout the Indonesian archipelago. And what we love most of all is revealing the best secrets of Indonesia to our travellers... In our blog we hope to inspire and inform you by providing the best information. We will  feature some of our favourite routes around the country and its thousands of islands. Tried, tested and refined over many years, they each have a slightly different slant, but are guaranteed to yield a varied and balanced set of experiences, representing the best Indonesia has to offer.

Together we can create un unforgettable tailor-made trip to  Indonesia and our blog will really provide you useful information to start dreaming on your next travel to Indonesia.


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