Exotic Indonesia. Customized trip to Indonesia.

Indonesia Local Travel Agency

Indonesia Local Travel Agency

If you really want to create an Indonesia tailor-made tour you should contcat a local travel agency in Indonesia. Our knowledge of Indonesia is unbeatable. Over 20 years of experience creating incredible trips to Indonesia & tailor-made tours for your best holiday will allow us to offer you a customized trip, your very own unique adventure, a trip designed just for you. 

With more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. Many islands, many places...so it is difficult for a traveller to know the country and to make the right decision according to its dream travel.  This is why if you are planning a trip to Indonesia it is very important to contact an Indonesia Local Travel Agency. Our unrivalled destination expertise means you can rely on us to devise the best possible trip for you.  We will guide you to your perfect Indonesia tour! And of course it will be a responsible travel in Indonesia respecting local communities and environment! Our main purpose is to make you discover Indonesia off the beaten path! We would like to propose you for example an immersion stay in an ethnic group of Indonesia or discover the hidden gems of Indonesia. We have been travellong over more than 20 years through Indonesia in search of new adventures, unusual places, original activities...to make your dreams come true! Our mission is to create a bridge between travellers and local Indonesian people, increase environmental awareness and, above all, to plan incredible Indonesia tailor-made trips!


Experience Indonesia Like a Local with Our Tailored Tours & Holidays. How?

We live in Indonesia, we  love and breathe this country  and we are passionate about sharing our wisdom with first-time and repeat travelers. 

What we would like to propose you:

- Stay longer. Rather than just passing through for a few days, so you can interact and integrate with local communities.

- Try to visit unusual places and less touristic destinations.

- Our ambition, as a local agency in Indonesia , is to facilitate the local immersion and make you live a real and authentic travel experience. 

- Buy local. 

- During all the trip try to opt for sustainable tours at least during more than 2 days. Try not to use the car every single day and instead go walking, hiking, bike tour..

- Refuse cruelty or exploitation to animals.

- Zero waste!


We are always searching for the uncommon and the exhilarating. We are experts on the destination. We live in Indonesia and that makes a real difference. So what makes us unique and the best option to create a tailor-made tour in Indonesia? :

-Dedication & Expertise. We are  experts travel advisors who live and breathe Indonesia; we ensure that all of our travel products are as authentic as possible. We provide a high quality service during the construction of the travel and we also provide a high quality service on the ground. 

We commit to responsible and respectful tourism in Indonesia.  Our itineraries  respect the local communities and visited areas. We have been working with our providers for many years and built a trusting, equal partnership. We propose off-the-beaten paths destinations, away from mass tourism, to promote authentic encounters and we avoid contributing to the over-exploitation of some well-known sites.

-We are travel experts and you will deal directly with us with no intermediaries.

-We are always here to listen to you. We will schedule  free one-to-one consultations with you in order to gather your requirements before putting together your very own itinerary, specially tailored to your budget and needs. Discover Indonesia your way with our stellar 5-star service. We will make sure you have a truly memorable & stress-free travel experience.

The best option to discover Indonesia is through the eyes of a local travel agency. We are sure that with us you will live bespoke travel experiences in Indonesia.

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