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Best time to visit Indonesia

Best time to visit Indonesia

When is the best time to visit Indonesia? Weather in Indonesia can be split into two seasons - wet and dry - always with warm tropical temperatures averaging 28°C during the day.  Indeed, Indonesia is hot all year round. Usually the dry season spans from April to mid-December. And the wet season starts in December and ends in April. Even in wet season you can visit Indonesia. Usually it doesnt rain all the day so it is possible still plan a trip to Indonesia. In some regions the difference between the two seasons is not extreme: Bali and Kalimantan, for example. This is why we will explain you island by island how is the weather like:


When to visit Borneo

The temperature ranges from a warm 23°C at night to a hot 33°C during the day, with the hottest months typically May and August. It is better to visit Tanjung Puting on a klotok during dry season.  


When to visit Java

The best time to visit Java us from April to September, specially if you cant to climb the volcanoes. It is better to do it during dry season.  But for example, to visit Borobudur Temples or Prambanan Temples it is not important if it rains. As usually it rains a couple of hours, you can wait and then visit the temples.


When to visit Sumatra

In February rainfall is at its lowest in Northern Sumatra. In October the island experiences one of its wettest months. But in general, in Sumatra it rains all the year and it is sunny all the year. Difficult to split in two seasons the weather in this island.


When to visit Bali

You can visit Bali all the year around. The months when it rains the most are January and February. And usually from July to September the island welcome a lot of international travelers. So to avoid it, try to visit the island in April or May.


When to travel to Sulawesi

In Sulawesi it rains a lot, specially in Tana Toraja. The best month to visit the island is on September. Then if you want to visit Togian Island it is better not to do it on December / January due to really bad sea weather conditions. If you want to do a dive trip in Sulawesi you can go to Gangga Island, Bunaken or Siladen. 


When to visit West Papua and Raja Ampat Island

West Papua and the islands of Raja Ampat can be visited year-round; there isn’t really an off-season If you are looking for a diving trip in Raja Ampat, then the best time to visit Raja Ampat is September to April, Are you considering a dive trip to Raja Ampat? We’d love to hear about when you’re planning to come and we will give you adivse. 


We look forward to hearing from you to start to plan together your Indonesia tailor-made trip!


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